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The Paul Louis Martin Champagne House was founded in 1864.Bouzy, realm of the Pinot Noir, a hardy and generous variety of grape...

Mr Louis Martin actively participated in founding the Bouzy Cooperative and was elected its founding President. Thus he started out in wine making with his first Marc in 1929. His son Paul actively helped him in particular in extending the chalky cellars in order to obtain the best conditions for ageing the wine.

Paul Louis Martin was a person who was loved by all and was one of Bouzy’s well-know local figures. He was passionate about his work, a brilliant Champagne producer who also produced rich red wines, in particular Bouzy Rouge.

Nowadays, his daughter Francine, aided by her son Vincent, has taken over and they remain fervent about the quality of their champagne. Thus, the wines produced by this estate have retained their character as developed by the hand of the Master who first produced them.